Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

We aim to provide you with a seamless experience when you order your medication(s) through us. Please review the following information on how your order is shipped and the process in which it goes through. 

What are Your Shipping Fees?

Standard Shipping is free to the USA and Canada. To all other countries, shipping is a flat $15.00 USD per order total. 

Do You Offer Expedited Shipping?

At this time, we do not offer expedited shipping. This is mostly because there are a lot of factors that could impact the shipment time that we have no control over. Such as a dispensary’s local holidays/closures, weather, customs, and carrier issues. We feel it is not appropriate to charge for something that ultimately, we have little control over.  

How Long is the Shipping Time?

The location of where your order is shipping from is the biggest determining factor in how long it will take for you to receive your medications.

Orders from the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom typically arrive quicker than orders shipped from Australia, India, Turkey, Mauritius and New Zealand.

Orders from Mauritius and Turkey, in some cases, can take as long as 30 days to receive from the date of your payment being processed. 

Shipment Process

Orders from Canada, USA, New Zealand, India, and the United Kingdom typically use their country’s postal carrier as their shipping provider. In these cases, the tracking # that you are provided with will usually be live and trackable as soon as it is provided to you.

Due to local shipping restrictions orders from Turkey and Mauritius are shipped in bulk to a regional carrier and then forwarded on to their final destination. In most cases it can take up to 7 days for these tracking #’s that you have been provided with to go live and be trackable. This is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. As soon as your shipment hits the regional carrier facility the tracking # is activated and you will be able to view its progress.

Orders shipped from Australia ship via DHL.

Tracking Links

You can track your specific order by clicking on one of the links below, based upon where your order is being dispensed from.

Orders Dispensed From - Canada, USA, New Zealand, India, UK, Turkey, Mauritius – CLICK HERE

Order Dispensed From – Australia – CLICK HERE

Can I Return my Prescriptions and Get a Refund Once I’ve Received Them?

Prescriptions that have been dispensed and shipped to the customer are not returnable to inventory. For this reason, all sales are final for prescriptions that are delivered.

Lost or Missing Shipments

In the event that your order gets lost or missing after 30 days from the date of receiving your tracking number, we are happy to provide either a reshipment or refund, based upon the preference of the customer.

Please contact customer service if your order shipment is beyond 30 days from the date of receiving your tracking number.

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