Over The Counter Medications

We provide reliable, cost-effective over-the-counter medicines at discounted rates and deliver them to your doorstep. We offer high quality and 100% safe over-the-counter (OTC) medication at discounted prices.

To get started, simply explore through our wide range of over-the-counter drugs by using the search box above. These OTC Products do not require a prescription and so you can confidently buy them for everyday health issues such as common cold, flu, body-ache, allergy medicines, pain relief, skin care products and health supplements.

Whether your doctor has directed you to take aspirin daily, you are taking ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory or you are soothing a skin condition with hydrocortisone cream, you can purchase high-quality OTC products through our website safely and securely.

Many of our customers purchase non-prescription products regularly and appreciate the convenience of having all their pharmacy products delivered along with their prescription medications.

The process for ordering over the counter drugs through our site is the same as ordering prescription medications. Simply search for your product by name and strength and then select the quantity you wish to order. Add your product to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. We will double-check your order against your existing health profile to ensure the product is safe and appropriate for you.

All products sold through this site, are of the highest quality. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us.  Please keep in mind that in order to sell over the counter drugs without a prescription, it cannot require a prescription in BOTH the country of origin and destination. If you order a non-prescription drug in Canada that requires a prescription in the U.S, we cannot bypass U.S regulations and require a prescription. We will only label drugs OTC if it is over the counter in both jurisdictions.

Get started today and see how simple and convenient it can be to have your over-the-counter drugs shipped directly to your door.

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